Thursday, October 9, 2008

They're coming...

New slings, new mei tais with corduroy straps, and the Notre Dame carrier! Pictures are on their way!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Next on the list

Coming soon...mei tais with corduroy straps, just in time for fall/winter and ring slings with the signature Putting on Baby stripe!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008



POB 1: Red and orange floral pattern with orange twill for the straps. Reverses to orange floral and deep red dot fabric. Hood can be folded in, worn out, or pulled up to be used when baby sleeps! Straps are padded.

POB1 Price: $95

POB 2: A beautiful swirling of greens and blues. Straps are darker green twill, the fold up hood pairs the print fabric with an avacado green. Reverses to plain avacado green. This carrier has a conversion hood that is padded and folds down to create a headrest

POB2: $105

POB3: A modern floral with browns and deep pink hews. Straps are a chocolate brown twill. Reverses to a tan twill body with a patterned hood. Straps are padded.

POB 3: $95

POB4: Brown and tan leave pattern lays against a pale aqua blue background. Straps are a tan twill. Reverses to all tan with a patterned hood. Straps are padded. This carrier has a conversion hood that is padded and folds down to create a headrest.

POB 4: $105

POB5: Beautiful pale blues, greens, and pinks create a detailed pattern, paired with cream canvas colored straps. Reverse to all canvas color. Straps are padded. There is no hood.

POB 5: $85

I am having some difficulty getting the online shopping cart set I will be doing email invoices for this round.

Purchase instructions:
1. Email me at which carrier(s) you want to purchase.
2. Purchasing is on a first come/first serve basis. There is only one of each carrier.
3. If you are the first one to email me the carrier you wish to purchase, I will let you know, and send you an invoice email with payment instructions that must be met within 24 hours or you lose your spot. Once your payment is received by me (via an email invoice), I will ship out your carrier within 1-2 days!
4. If you are NOT the first one to email for each of the carrier slots, I will respond letting you know you did not get a slot, and let you know about further stockings!
5. If someone reserves a slot and does not make their payment within 24 hrs of receiving the invoice, he/she will be bumped.

Ready, set, go!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ring Sling

This ring sling can be worn from birth up. You would cradle a small baby in it and wear an older baby like Isla is being worn, on your hip or front. The rings allow you to adjust the fit. Machine washable.

Almost here!!

Finally! The long awaited mei tais are almost completed. Here is a sneak peak at two finished carriers with hoods. This Saturday, August 17th, a number of carriers will be posted along with purchasing instructions. Email me at with any questions before then.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update! Update! Update!

Alright! So July 1st obviously came and went and the latest grouping of mei tais were not released! I am sorry, but I seriously underestimated the time commitment of the Babywearing Conference.

Needless to say, I am a bit behind schedule. A release date and time will be posted very shortly and I will stick to that schedule! For those of you who were wondering about reserving a carrier or a waitlist, email me at with your specific request! Thanks for being patient!

The Ultimate man carrier completed!

Andy's Soft Structured Buckle Colts Carrier makes its debut! I have to say it is my favorite sports apparel he owns!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stay tuned...

Stay tuned for purchasing instructions, pricing, and FAQs. I anticipate the eight carriers that I have been working on to be available July 1st.

Four more to peek at!

I'd say I am about half way done with these eight carriers. Here's a peek at four more to round out the 8 total. Basically there are two carriers in each of the color combinations. Each carrier is unique, as each one is custom designed. I use the same fabric more than once, but will never make two of the exact same carrier. That way each carrier is completely custom made, one of a kind, and no one will have the same one! I have tried to provide a lot of variety in this batch. There are many color combinations and strap colors. There are carriers with padded hood, unpadded hoods, and no hoods. All carriers are reversible. I have left some of the carriers fairly plain on one side to allow for versatility-aka-man appeal! So here is another sneak peek at the next round.

Paired with chocolate brown straps
Paired with chocolate brown straps

Both of the above reverse to this

Paired with green straps

The reverse

Olive green with swirl pattern. Solid olive green reverse not pictured

Natural colored canvas straps with plain reverse canvas

Khaki straps reverse is khaki

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sneak Peek!

Here's a look at the half way completed next batch of carriers! They all reverse to a matching pattern, like two carriers in one. Two have hoods and two are hoodless. The straps colors will consist of black, blue, orange, and brown. I hope to have them completed and for sale by the weeks end. So keep watching!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Work in progress...

So we finally got the blog up and running! I just posted pictures of the most recent carriers sold. Sarah is going to add some pictures soon too. We are in the process of adding more info about the carriers we are making and selling. Eventually we will be posting finished carriers that are for sale here. The ones that are already posted serve as a reference point for our style and product.

We have had some great feedback from both moms and babies! In the baby gym class I take the girls too, there are now three other moms that have bought our carriers and are "wearing" their babies. All three of them have a two or three year old and a baby under one. I am so excited and encouraged to hear feedback from them on how it has made life in general easier and more enjoyable to wear their babies!

Feel free to leave comments or contact us with any questions at


This carrier was made specially for baby Ty, my newest nephew! He is two weeks old in these pics, and seemed to have no trouble at all snuggling up against mommy inside his new mode of transportation.