Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stay tuned...

Stay tuned for purchasing instructions, pricing, and FAQs. I anticipate the eight carriers that I have been working on to be available July 1st.

Four more to peek at!

I'd say I am about half way done with these eight carriers. Here's a peek at four more to round out the 8 total. Basically there are two carriers in each of the color combinations. Each carrier is unique, as each one is custom designed. I use the same fabric more than once, but will never make two of the exact same carrier. That way each carrier is completely custom made, one of a kind, and no one will have the same one! I have tried to provide a lot of variety in this batch. There are many color combinations and strap colors. There are carriers with padded hood, unpadded hoods, and no hoods. All carriers are reversible. I have left some of the carriers fairly plain on one side to allow for versatility-aka-man appeal! So here is another sneak peek at the next round.

Paired with chocolate brown straps
Paired with chocolate brown straps

Both of the above reverse to this

Paired with green straps

The reverse

Olive green with swirl pattern. Solid olive green reverse not pictured

Natural colored canvas straps with plain reverse canvas

Khaki straps reverse is khaki