Sunday, May 25, 2008

Work in progress...

So we finally got the blog up and running! I just posted pictures of the most recent carriers sold. Sarah is going to add some pictures soon too. We are in the process of adding more info about the carriers we are making and selling. Eventually we will be posting finished carriers that are for sale here. The ones that are already posted serve as a reference point for our style and product.

We have had some great feedback from both moms and babies! In the baby gym class I take the girls too, there are now three other moms that have bought our carriers and are "wearing" their babies. All three of them have a two or three year old and a baby under one. I am so excited and encouraged to hear feedback from them on how it has made life in general easier and more enjoyable to wear their babies!

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Rochelle said...

We love the carrier you made for Ty. I have been a Moby girl..but now that it is summer, I am looking for something cooler...and with a hood to keep the sun off. We went to the zoo early in the season and my little one got rosie cheeks. I said at that point I would like something with a hood. Your product is perfect!!!! My husband has also been looking for a carrier that is more manly :) ...he tried yours on and said it was fine..he just did not like all the straps, he would like something that buckles together..any suggestions??